Knitting Style

I’ve been thinking about the Crazy KAL that the Stockinette Zombies and the Fat Squirrel Speaks are doing this month and next month. What is my knitting crazy? I think my normal knitting style is pretty darn crazy. . . I tend to start lots of things and not finish them. So much so that the fact that I have finished .let me see, 4 projects this year is some sort of record. I have so many WIPs it’s ridiculous. Apparently, Amy (from Stockinette Zombies) and Steve (from Dramatic Knits) are going to try to knit down to 0 WIPS. I’m clearly not going to do that in two months but I think that should be my long term goal. Try to have a reasonable number of projects on my needles: ones that I can actually finish within a year of starting!

Short-term what I’d like to finish in the next two months are the Legolas Socks, the Sourwood Mountain Mitts, Dalek dishcloths and at least one hat to donate for the Christmas Hat Drive.

I am also working on or about to work on Woolley Wormhead’s Mystery Hat KAL, Ellison Bay with the Singlehandedknits Group and a could of KALs with the She-Knits group.

Less urgent things to finish: Meta Mittens, Pooie Pie, buttons on my William the Bloody Cowel. (I finished knitting that almost a year ago.

But I have many many WIPS that I should add back in to my active knitting as I finish other things.


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