Vacation – week one

I took two weeks of vacation. . .well, I had so much time built up that I was going to start losing it if I hadn’t already started.  This week has been extremely lazy and loungy.  I seem to have an almost inexhaustable capacity for sleep. 

I did knit quite a bit on the Sartorial Cowl – unfortunately I got to the place where you repeat part 1 and realized that I had dropped stitches. . . and wound up frogging back to section two.  Sigh.  Kind of lost my desire to work on that one and haven’t been doing much knitting at all.  . . this means that the Sourwood Mountain Fingerless Mitts won’t be finished by Saturday (i.e, Hobbit Day) which was my plan., 


I finally found my checks. .. and precious few there are too.  Clearly I need to order some more.  (Although, given how seldom I write checks:  I could probably wait a month or more!)

Going to go see The Hobbit on Saturday with friends.  Looking forward to it.



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