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January 14, 2015

Yes, yes, yes. I’ve been thinking about how much her fierce character showed through recently as she fought her way through the pain that stifled her physical sense of self and the pain meds that were inhibiting her mental prowess – as impressive as she was before – when she was whole she was at least as impressive in her strength in handling the crap she was dealt.

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Long, long  ago there was a show called Buffy The Vampire  Slayer.   I  was looking forward  to  it,  because I  had seen  some gems  in the campy movie  of  the same  name.  The TV  show  was so  much  better  than  the movie.  My  sisters and  I talked about the show. Around  the  same  time, my  DH and I moved to  CA .  He worked long  hours,  and I  went to  the grocery  store  to find  people to  talk to.  I  was  lonely.   Somewhere  along  the line I  found  The  Board.

The Board was  the  place  where all kinds of  different people talked  about Buffy. There were professors, moms, lawyers,  students,  geeks,musicians and artists. We analyzed ,criticized, predicted the next  move for  our  show, and  got  to  know  each  other .  Over 14  years  we  went  from buffy  friends to  invisible  friends to friends. Marriages,  citizenship, children, divorces, bombs…

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