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Candy Corn Cookies

October 23, 2012

Like many people who play online – I find things that I think my friends will like.    But I rarely get feedback that they actually found what links I sent them useful – except this week.

My friend Michele has always been a person who loves to bake sugar cookies.  And I saw this excellent candy corn cookie recipe over at Alaska From Scratch and I knew that I had to send it to her.  And guess what?

She made them!  She was getting together with an old high school friend and she thought they’d be the  perfect treat to bring.  she sent me a picture of the cookies and a picture of her little guy with a big happy grin next to the cookies.


It’s so cool when you figure out something right.

Michele's cookies

Mini Candy Corn Cookies


Team Hunt Winners at Harrisburg

October 22, 2012

So Cool!

(As found on the Off Track Thoroughbreds Blog.)

Sock the vote

October 21, 2012

Finally posted my second cuff in the Knock on Wood Campaign thread.  But I’m not sure I really belong there because I foresee having to frog the first sock.=


It is just so big and so wrong.


Legolas socks comparison

Comparing cuff 2 to cuff 1

Found my way back!

October 17, 2012

I had kind of forgotten that I had this page.    I meant to use it to post reviews of the Early Reviewers’ booksI got from Library Thing. . . and then I just lost all knowledge of this place.

But recently I’ve been exploring blogs and really enjoying them.  Why now?  I don’t know.   But on to other things.

Knitting:  I am taking part in mskiknits “sock the vote” kal.  I’m doing a pair of complicated socks – and the first one is definitely a failure.  It is both too big and just generally wonky.    For the second sock – I am knitting the smaller size and when I’m done – I’ll see which looks like something I’d actually wear – frog and reknit the other one in that size.

First Legolas sock

Here is that ginormous and wonky first sock.