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Go Rocky!

June 8, 2013

The first IRWS Master Hunter is Ch. Affinity I Love Rock and Roll!

Wow.  They went from JH to Master.





June 8, 2013

Found my glasses late last night.

When I told my friend Sandy about the lost glasses conumdrum she asked, “Did you check the bedclothes?”

And even though my first thought was “of course”, I did check them again.

I am happy to report that they weren’t in the bedclothes –actually they were in the space between the head of the bed and the wall. I had checked there before but that area is, unsurprisingly, full of project bags and yarn and I hadn’t checked carefully enough.

Anyway, my eyes are happier now and I can both knit and read.


June 7, 2013

Misplaced my glasses. Seriously. Had them on Wednesday – woke up Thursday and couldn’t find them. I have contacts but even with the cheaters it is difficult for me to do close up work in the contacts. Reading or knitting for example. I cannot believe that I still haven’t found them.

Otherwise the first Friday of summer hours has been uneeventful.